Where To Take Kids To Learn To Ski? (Best Places)

Skiing is one of the most popular winter sports in North America. And while you can learn to ski at an indoor facility, it’s much better to get out on snow. 

But where should you go? From Washington state to Colorado and beyond, there are plenty of places where kids can learn to ski or snowboard and have fun doing so. 

Whether your family is planning a trip out West or just looking for somewhere nearby where you can spend some quality time together this winter, here are ten great places with affordable rates and accessible slopes:

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Consider these top family-friendly ski destinations for your child’s skiing journey.
Look for ski resorts with dedicated ski schools and instructors trained in teaching children.
Choose resorts with gentle slopes and beginner-friendly terrain for kids to learn and practice.
Seek resorts that offer additional amenities like childcare services and kids’ entertainment options.
Plan your family ski vacation in a destination with a variety of off-slope activities for everyone to enjoy.

Stevens Pass (Washington)

Stevens Pass is a great place to take your kids skiing. The resort has plenty of terrain for all levels, with runs ranging from beginner-friendly greens to expert-level blacks. And if you’re lucky, you might even be able to catch some powder days during the winter season!

One of my favorite parts about Stevens Pass is that there are so many options for different types of skiers and riders in the area. 

You can easily find an instructor who specializes in teaching kids how to ski or ride if you want your child’s first experience on snow at Stevens Pass or anywhere else in Washington State; they also offer lessons on intermediate slopes as well as advanced trails and terrain parks.

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Mt. Hood Meadows (Oregon)

Mt. Hood Meadows is a great place to learn to ski. The resort has a family-friendly atmosphere, it has large terrain parks and glades for more advanced skiers, and it’s located near Portland.

Mt. Hood Meadows also gets plenty of snowfall, so you can count on getting lots of skiing in no matter what time of year you visit!

Ski ResortLocationTerrainLiftsTrails
Mt. Hood MeadowsOregonVaried1185
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[Brand 2][Location 2][Terrain 2][Lifts 2][Trails 2]
[Brand 3][Location 3][Terrain 3][Lifts 3][Trails 3]

Crystal Mountain Resort (Washington)

Crystal Mountain Resort is located in the Crystal Mountain region of Washington State and has a vertical drop of 1,200 feet. In addition to skiing, the resort offers snowboarding, tubing and sleigh rides.

The ski school at Crystal Mountain Resort teaches both adults and children how to ski or snowboard. 

The ski school also offers private lessons if you want extra instruction from an instructor who works specifically with kids.

Whistler (British Columbia, Canada)

Whistler is a great spot for kids to learn how to ski. The resort has a lot of terrain for beginner skiers and snowboarders, and many schools in the area offer tuition for children as young as four years old. 

Plus, Whistler is located in the Coast Mountains of British Columbia—where it gets more than 300 inches (750 cm) of snow each year!

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Kirkwood Ski Resort (California)

For families looking to get their kids started on the slopes, Kirkwood is one of the best places to go. 

The resort has a lot of terrain and it’s not too crowded; it also has lots of good beginner runs that are easy to navigate. 

Plus, they have a great ski school and offer lessons for all ages. For those who want something different, Kirkwood is also one of the best places in California for snowboarding!

Angel Fire Ski Resort (New Mexico)

Located in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains of New Mexico, Angel Fire Ski Resort is a family-friendly resort with a variety of terrain for beginners, intermediates and experts. They offer a full service rental shop and ski school program developed especially for kids.

Angel Fire has lodging options that include vacation cabins and condominiums, or you can choose to stay at one of many nearby hotels or motels.

Ski ResortLocationTerrainLiftsTrails
Angel Fire Ski ResortNew MexicoVaried781
[Brand 1][Location 1][Terrain 1][Lifts 1][Trails 1]
[Brand 2][Location 2][Terrain 2][Lifts 2][Trails 2]
[Brand 3][Location 3][Terrain 3][Lifts 3][Trails 3]

Smugglers Notch Ski Resort (Vermont)

Smugglers Notch Ski Resort is a great place to learn to ski or snowboard, because it’s small and friendly. 

The resort has a lot of beginner terrain, including many runs that are groomed every morning and are served by the resort’s fleet of snowmaking guns. 

The mountain also offers lots of glade skiing and tree skiing, so you can find your own path through the woods alongside other beginner skiers and boarders who are learning the ropes.

Arapahoe Basin Ski Area (Colorado)

Arapahoe Basin Ski Area (Colorado) is one of the best ski resorts in Colorado. Not only does it have a variety of terrain, but its snow record is stellar and it’s family friendly. 

The ski school offers many classes for all ages, including private lessons at a discounted rate if you’re not sure where to start. 

When you want to take a break from skiing or snowboarding, there are plenty of lodging options from cabins to vacation homes that can accommodate groups large and small. 

If you’re interested in eating some great food after your day on the slopes, there are several restaurants within walking distance from Arapahoe Basin Ski Resort

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Jackson Hole Mountain Resort (Wyoming)

Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, located in Grand Teton National Park, is a ski resort in the Teton Range of Wyoming, U.S.A., in the Caribou-Targhee National Forest and near Jackson Hole. 

The resort is located on the western slopes of the Teton Range and bases itself around an alpine village that features luxury hotels as well as more modest accommodations.

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Montana Snowbowl (Montana)

Montana Snowbowl is a great place for beginners to learn how to ski and snowboard. The resort has a variety of terrain, including some steeper runs that lead down to the base area. 

The resort also has a fantastic park for snowboarding enthusiasts. To top things off, there’s even an on-site lodge with an actual fireplace (and beer).

Ski ResortLocationTerrainLiftsTrails
Montana SnowbowlMontanaVaried437
[Brand 1][Location 1][Terrain 1][Lifts 1][Trails 1]
[Brand 2][Location 2][Terrain 2][Lifts 2][Trails 2]
[Brand 3][Location 3][Terrain 3][Lifts 3][Trails 3]

Beaver Creek Mountain and Bachelor Gulch Village (Colorado)

Beaver Creek is a great place to learn to ski. There are ski lessons for kids of all ages and Beaver Creek has a ski school that can help you get started with your child’s first time on skis. 

The best part is that if someone in your family already knows how to ski, there are plenty of runs where they can teach you!

There are also many other family activities at Beaver Creek including tubing, snowmobiling and more.

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For kids, skiing is not just about the thrill of sliding down a mountain on two sticks. It’s also about having fun with friends and learning how to push themselves by overcoming obstacles. 

The best way to help your child get started on this journey is by finding the right place for them to learn a place where they can work at their own pace while still being challenged enough that they don’t get bored or frustrated. 

If you have questions about where in the world might be best suited for your kids, leave us a comment below! We’re happy to help find out what works best for each family 🙂

Further Reading

Now, let’s move on to the FAQs section:


Can I enroll my child in ski lessons at any age?

Yes, many ski resorts and ski schools offer lessons for children as young as three years old. It’s best to check with the specific resort or school for their age requirements and available programs.

Are ski lessons necessary for kids, or can they learn on their own?

While some children may pick up skiing quickly on their own, it’s highly recommended for kids to take ski lessons. Professional instructors can teach them proper techniques, ensure their safety, and help them progress faster.

What should my child wear for skiing lessons?

It’s important for children to wear appropriate ski attire, including waterproof and insulated jackets, pants, gloves, hats, and goggles. Layering is key to stay warm, and it’s essential to have well-fitted boots and helmets for safety.

How long does it usually take for kids to learn skiing?

The learning pace varies for each child, but typically, with consistent lessons and practice, children can start skiing independently on easy slopes within a few days or a week.

Are there any safety measures I should be aware of when my child is learning to ski?

Yes, safety is paramount. Ensure your child wears a helmet and follows all safety guidelines provided by the ski resort. Teach them about lift safety, skiing within their ability level, and being aware of other skiers on the slopes.