What Do You Wear Under Swim Tights?

If you’re like me and have never worn swim tights before, you’re probably wondering what kind of undergarments are best when paired with them. 

Should I wear my favorite underwear? Or should I opt for something different? And how long does it take for wet clothing to dry out? We’ve got all the answers for you below!

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Swim tights are typically worn on their own, but some individuals may prefer to wear a swimsuit or briefs underneath for added comfort and support.
Specialized swim briefs or swim trunks are designed specifically for swimmers, providing a secure fit and quick-drying materials.
It is generally not recommended to wear regular underwear while swimming, as they can absorb water, become uncomfortable, and cause chafing.
Wearing appropriate underwear while swimming offers benefits such as improved comfort, better support, reduced friction and chafing, enhanced freedom of movement, and improved hygiene.
When wearing board shorts, choose lightweight, moisture-wicking underwear that offers a comfortable fit, such as seamless or low-profile options, to minimize discomfort and maintain a smooth silhouette.

Wear Your Favorite Underwear

You’re less likely to feel self-conscious if you’re in your favorite pair of undies, so go with what’s most comfortable for you. 

If tight underwear helps the tights fit better, go for it! And if loose underwear makes them more comfortable, then go for that too. Whatever makes you feel best about yourself? Wear it!

When it comes to swimming, Dri-Fit shirts are a popular choice. They provide comfort and functionality in the water. If you’re wondering if Dri-Fit shirts are good for swimming, check out our article on the benefits of Dri-Fit shirts for swimming to discover how they can enhance your swimwear experience.

Wear an All-in-One Swimsuit

If you don’t want to wear a tight tank top and shorts under your tights, then an all-in-one swimsuit might be right for you. 

These suits are designed to be worn under thin tights. They have built in bra cups and straps so that you don’t need to worry about wearing a bra while swimming.

The material they’re made out of is quick drying, which makes them perfect for people who like to spend their time doing other things besides waiting around for their clothes and hair dryer. They also come with UPF 50+, which means they offer excellent protection against harmful UV rays!

SpeedoPopular swimwear brand offering high-performance all-in-one swimsuits with durable materials and sleek designs.
TYRWell-known for their range of all-in-one swimsuits that combine style, comfort, and performance.
ArenaOffers all-in-one swimsuits with excellent chlorine resistance and optimal fit for competitive swimmers.
NikeKnown for their sporty and stylish all-in-one swimsuits that provide both functionality and fashion-forward designs.
AdidasProvides a variety of all-in-one swimsuits with advanced fabric technologies for maximum performance and comfort.
DolfinOffers all-in-one swimsuits designed for swimmers of all levels, with emphasis on durability and functionality.
ZoggsProvides all-in-one swimsuits featuring innovative designs and fabrics that offer great flexibility and freedom of movement.
FINISKnown for their all-in-one swimsuits that incorporate unique features and technologies to enhance swimmer performance.
MaruOffers all-in-one swimsuits with eye-catching prints and vibrant colors, perfect for both leisure and competitive swimming.
Aqua SphereSpecializes in all-in-one swimsuits that provide exceptional comfort, support, and hydrodynamics for a superior swimming experience.

Wear Two-Piece Swimsuit Bottoms

For swimming in, the best option is two-piece swimsuit bottoms. These are great for a wide range of sports and activities but work especially well as a base layer under swim tights. 

They’re easy to put on and take off and provide a little more coverage than one-piece swimsuits.

Victoria’s SecretOffers a wide range of stylish two-piece swimsuit bottoms with various coverage options and trendy designs.
TargetProvides affordable two-piece swimsuit bottoms in different styles and sizes, catering to a diverse range of preferences.
BillabongKnown for their high-quality two-piece swimsuit bottoms with vibrant prints and durable materials, suitable for active beachgoers.
RoxyOffers fashionable two-piece swimsuit bottoms that combine functionality and style, perfect for both swimming and lounging by the pool.
Rip CurlProvides versatile two-piece swimsuit bottoms designed for surfers and beach enthusiasts, featuring innovative technologies and superior performance.
O’NeillOffers a variety of two-piece swimsuit bottoms with comfortable fits and attractive patterns, suitable for both casual and active beach days.
SeafollyKnown for their chic and sophisticated two-piece swimsuit bottoms, featuring flattering cuts and high-quality fabrics for a stylish beach look.
J.CrewProvides classic and timeless two-piece swimsuit bottoms in a range of styles and colors, ensuring a fashionable yet versatile swimwear option.
AthletaOffers functional two-piece swimsuit bottoms designed for active women, with moisture-wicking fabrics and supportive fits for various water activities.
H&MProvides affordable and trendy two-piece swimsuit bottoms with different coverage options, allowing for customization to suit individual preferences.

Wear a Sports Bra Under Your Swim Tights

If you want to support your breasts, wear a sports bra.

Sports bras are designed to hold your breasts in place during high-impact activities like running, biking, and swimming. They also reduce bounce by holding your chest close to the body.

For women who experience chafing under their arms or around their ribs while wearing a swimsuit top, a sports bra may be the solution. 

fabric of swim tights is typically made of polyester (or nylon) which can cause skin irritation if worn too long without an undershirt or innerwear garment such as a tank top or sports bra underneath it (the exception being neoprene).

Finally, if you’re looking for comfort when exercising outside—such as jogging on pavement—a good quality sports bra will keep everything held together so that nothing rubs against anything else uncomfortably when moving about in motion!

For added protection and comfort while swimming, many people opt for rash vests. If you’re considering wearing a rash vest under your swim tights, you might be wondering if they are good for swimming. Our detailed guide on the benefits of rash vests for swimming will help you make an informed decision and enjoy your swim with confidence.

Wear a Long Tank Top Under Your Tights

A long tank top is a great choice for under your swim tights. The tank should be made from a lightweight material that dries quickly. It should also be loose enough to not restrict movement, but not so loose that it bunches up around the waistband of the tights and creates an unflattering look. 

Many women choose to wear their tank tops over their tights, while others prefer to have both layers on at once. Either way is fine just ensure that the tank top covers your waistband completely!

Wear a One-Piece Tankini Under Your Thigh

Tankinis are made of swimsuit material, so they’re easy to put on.

Tankinis cover up your stomach and legs but leave the upper body exposed—a good choice if you want to cover up but don’t want to wear tights.

Tankinis can be worn with or without tights, depending on whether you want to show off your thighs or not!

Wear Athletic Shorts Over Your Tights

If you’re looking for a way to keep your tights dry and comfortable, athletic shorts are the way to go. They’re breathable, they dry quickly, and they won’t chafe or cause irritation like undergarments can. 

Plus, if you wear them over your swimsuit as a base layer (like I do), it’ll protect your legs from the sun and make it easier for you to apply sunscreen.

Athletic shorts are also great for skiing and snowboarding: snowboarders often wear their pants over their tights so that when they fall on their board, their pants don’t get ripped or torn off like their tights might be.

NikeOffers a wide range of athletic shorts designed to be worn over tights, providing comfort, flexibility, and sporty style.
AdidasKnown for their high-quality athletic shorts that can be worn over tights, offering a combination of performance and trendy designs.
Under ArmourProvides athletic shorts suitable for layering over tights, featuring moisture-wicking fabrics and ergonomic designs for enhanced mobility.
LululemonOffers versatile athletic shorts designed to be worn over tights, known for their comfortable fits, premium materials, and modern aesthetics.
ReebokProvides a variety of athletic shorts suitable for layering over tights, combining functionality, durability, and a touch of athletic fashion.
PumaKnown for their stylish and performance-oriented athletic shorts, offering options that can be worn over tights for added style and functionality.
New BalanceOffers athletic shorts designed for layering over tights, featuring innovative technologies and comfortable fits for optimal performance.
ASICSProvides athletic shorts suitable for wearing over tights, with a focus on functionality, breathability, and freedom of movement.
ColumbiaKnown for their outdoor-oriented athletic shorts, offering options that can be worn over tights for added protection and versatility.
PatagoniaProvides athletic shorts suitable for layering over tights, emphasizing durability, sustainability, and outdoor performance.

Wear a Swim Skirt Over Your Tights

If you’re worried about your swim tights being too short, or if you want to cover up a little bit more than the average person, consider wearing a swim skirt over them. Swimming skirts are made of swimsuit material and are often one-piece garments. 

They’re meant to be worn over tights or swim trunks, so they’ll give you full coverage without having to worry about what’s underneath them. The best part is that most of these skirts come with their own built-in briefs!

If you decide to go this route and we highly recommend it  make sure the skirt fits well so that everything stays in place during action-packed water adventures like surfing and diving into pools at summer camps (which happen all the time for us).

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Get the Right Size Tights

  • If you’re in doubt, get a size up.
  • If you’re between sizes, go with the larger size.
  • If you are between sizes and want a tighter fit, go with the smaller option

Don’t Forget a Swim Shirt and Cover Up

Swim shirts and cover ups are great for staying warm while you’re getting in and out of the water. You can wear your swim shirt or cover up over your swim tights to keep you warm, or simply use it as a towel after swimming.

It’s also important to note that not all swim shirts have sleeves; some have slits instead of sleeves, so don’t forget this when choosing which one you want!

Wear Rash Guard Shirts Under Your Tights

If you’re like me and don’t have a perfect tan, wear a rash guard shirt under your tights. A rash guard is a type of swim shirt that’s designed to protect your skin from the sun and keep it safe from burning. 

These shirts are made of breathable fabric that dries quickly and feels lightweight on your body, so they won’t make you feel like you’re wearing a wet blanket when you’re swimming in them.

Take Off Wet Clothing Immediately After Getting Out of the Water

If you are in a cold environment, change into dry clothes as soon as possible. If you’re in a warm environment, it may not be necessary to change at all; however, if the wet clothing is still damp when you get back home, take it off immediately and put on something dry.

If your swimsuit dries quickly but the tights do not (or vice versa), consider wearing two sets of tights or bathing suits that can be worn together or separately when exercising or swimming.

When it comes to camping, proper shoe care is essential. After a swim or wearing swim tights, make sure to dry your shoes properly. Check out our easy tips on how to dry shoes for camping to ensure your footwear stays in good condition throughout your outdoor adventures.”

Always Change into Dry Clothes as Soon as Possible After Swimming in Cold Water to Prevent Hypothermia

Another way to prevent hypothermia is to change into dry clothes as soon as possible after swimming in cold water. Hypothermia can occur when the body’s temperature drops below normal and is a medical condition that can be fatal if not treated quickly. 

The best way to avoid this is by changing into dry clothes as soon as you come out of the water, followed by warm drinks such as tea or hot chocolate on your way home from the beach or pool.

When it comes to swimming accessories, nose clips can be a game-changer for some swimmers. If you’ve ever wondered if nose clips are good for swimming, our article on the usefulness of nose clips for swimming has got you covered. Discover how they can improve your swimming experience by keeping water out of your nose.


We hope this article has helped you to figure out what you can wear under swim tights. If you still have questions, feel free to reach out via our contact form or social media channels. We would love to hear from you!

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Here are some frequently asked questions related to the topic:

What should I wear under swim tights?

Swim tights are typically designed to be worn on their own, without the need for additional undergarments. However, some individuals may prefer to wear a swimsuit or briefs underneath for added comfort and support.

Are there specific types of underwear for swimmers?

Yes, there are specialized swim briefs or swim trunks designed specifically for swimmers. These underwear options are made from quick-drying materials and provide a secure fit to enhance performance in the water.

Can I wear regular underwear while swimming?

It is generally not recommended to wear regular underwear while swimming. Regular underwear tends to absorb water and can become uncomfortable, heavy, and cause chafing. Opting for swim-specific underwear is a better choice for water-based activities.

What are the benefits of wearing appropriate underwear while swimming?

Wearing appropriate underwear while swimming provides several benefits, including improved comfort, better support, reduced friction and chafing, enhanced freedom of movement, and improved hygiene.

Are there any specific considerations for wearing underwear under board shorts?

When wearing board shorts, it is essential to choose underwear that is lightweight, moisture-wicking, and offers a comfortable fit. Seamless or low-profile options are often preferred to minimize discomfort and maintain a smooth silhouette.