Are Sorel Kinetic Sneakers Good For Hiking? (Answered)

Are Sorel Kinetic Sneakers Good For Hiking? If you’re a hardcore hiker who loves the outdoors, chances are that you know all about Sorel. 

The company makes some of the best trekking and hiking shoes in the world, but what about its Kinetic sneaker line? 

It’s no secret that these shoes have become quite popular with outdoor enthusiasts and casual hikers alike. So just how good are they for hiking?

Sorel Women’s Kinetic Impact Lace Shoes | Our Point Of View
Sorel Kinetic sneakers are suitable for hiking.
They offer a balance of comfort, support, and traction.
Sorel Kinetic sneakers may not be fully waterproof but offer some resistance to water.
They are not specifically designed for trail running.
It is recommended to refer to the sizing guide for the best fit.
Proper care and cleaning can help maintain the quality of Sorel Kinetic sneakers.

Why Choose Sorel Kinetic Sneakers?

You may be wondering: what makes the Sorel Kinetic Sneakers so great? After all, they’re not on the expensive side of the spectrum. 

They’re also very durable, waterproof and comfortable. And they weigh only 8 ounces (about 0.25kg), which makes them lightweight!

But there are even more reasons why you should choose these shoes for your next hiking trip!

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Know The Features

The Kinetic is a high-top shoe with a breathable mesh upper, padded collar and tongue, lace closure system and durable rubber outsole. 

It’s available in men’s sizing from 6 to 14. The Kinetic is the only Sorel model that comes in this width range; other models are available from women’s size 5 through men’s size 14 (see below for more information on sizing).

The Kinetic has a rubber sole that provides traction for wet weather conditions as well as for hiking over uneven terrain. However, if you’re looking for something more rugged or with more tread than the Kinetic offers then we recommend checking out our Best Hiking Shoes guide instead!

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Provides A Comfy Fit

The Sorel Kinetic shoe is a favorite among hikers for several reasons. First and foremost, it’s comfortable. 

The support provided by its upper material means that you won’t need to worry about your feet getting tired or sore after walking in them all day long. 

Secondly, it’s lightweight and breathable; its mesh material allows air to circulate throughout the shoe while allowing water to pass through as you hike through wet areas of the trail. 

Thirdly, it’s flexible: even if you pack lots of gear onto your back when hiking, there will be no hindrance between your foot and the ground below thanks to this sneaker’s springiness! 

Fourthly, durability: these sneakers are made from strong materials such as leather or canvas so they’ll hold up during long treks through rugged terrain without falling apart like other brands might do under similar conditions (like Vans). 

Finally but perhaps most importantly: grip! This particular model comes equipped with an aggressive outsole pattern designed specifically for optimal traction on rocky surfaces so you’ll never slip up when traversing those tricky sections along trails which may be riddled with loose rocks or roots sticking up above ground level (which can often cause slips).

BrandModelFit Level
NikeAir Max 270Cushioned
New BalanceFresh Foam 1080 V11Plush
ASICSGel-Kayano 28Supportive
BrooksGhost 14Balanced
Hoka One OneBondi 7Padded
SkechersGo Walk 5Lightweight
Under ArmourHOVR Infinite 3Energized

High-Quality Material

Sorel shoes are known for their high-quality materials, which makes the Kinetic a great choice for hikers. 

The upper is made of waterproof leather and suede, both of which are breathable, flexible and lightweight.The midsole is also made with lightweight materials that will not weigh you down on your hike. 

A combination of hard TPU and vulcanized rubber underfoot provides great longevity for these shoes, so you can wear them on multiple hikes without having to worry about wear and tear on the soles!

The laces have been upgraded from traditional flat laces to round laces that stay tied even after hiking through mud or snow (or whatever else you might encounter). 

This is thanks to the “quicklace system” technology used by Sorel this means no more fumbling around with loose laces while climbing up steep inclines!

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If you’re going to invest in a pair of hiking sneakers, it’s important that they be durable. You’ll want something that can withstand rigorous use and won’t get damaged easily.

Sorel Kinetic sneakers are made with high-quality materials that make them more durable than most other brands on the market. 

They’re designed to last you a long time—so much so that they come with a lifetime guarantee!

The Shoe Is Breathable

The Kinetic is a breathable shoe, which means that it lets your feet breathe. As you hike, the sweat produced by your feet will evaporate through the mesh of the shoe and into the air around you. 

This will keep your feet dry and comfortable during long distance hikes, short distance hikes and wet weather hikes alike.

Provides Better Traction And Grip

The Kinetic is a great option for hikes where you’ll be on slippery terrain, as the rubber soles provide better traction than other shoes. They’re not completely waterproof, but they do dry faster than most shoes out there. 

This can be helpful if you’ve been hiking in wet conditions and need to get back to the car or campsite quickly. 

The tread holds up pretty well over time, which means you won’t have to worry about replacing your Sorel’s soles anytime soon (though that does mean they don’t have as much give as some other sneakers).

BrandModelTraction Level
SalomonSpeedcross 5Excellent
MerrellMoab 2 VentDurable
ColumbiaNewton Ridge Plus IIVersatile
The North FaceHedgehog Fastpack IIGrippy
KeenTarghee III MidReliable
La SportivaWildcat 2.0Aggressive
VasqueBreeze LT GTXStable
Inov-8Roclite 315Trail-Ready

Waterproof And Water-Resistant Shoes

You’re going to want a waterproof and water-resistant pair of shoes for hiking. In fact, it is even more important if you’re planning on hiking in the rain. 

Waterproof and water-resistant shoes will keep your feet dry throughout the walk, no matter what conditions you encounter.

The best thing about these shoes is that they are made of high-quality materials, which means that they provide good traction and grip when walking on wet surfaces. 

They also come with laces so you can adjust them as necessary during your hike an important feature when considering sorel kinetic sneakers for hiking because it helps prevent blisters by keeping them snugly fitted around your foot (which could lead to discomfort).

Finally, these shoes are lightweight and versatile enough that they can be worn in various environments such as urban areas or out in nature where long distances may need covering before reaching safety at nightfall (or vice versa).

Lightweight & Versatile Shoes

Sorel Kinetic shoes are also a very versatile design. They are lightweight, with a thin sole and mesh upper that allow your feet to breathe in the heat of summer. 

They’re also constructed with waterproof materials, so if you get caught in a rainstorm or need to walk through wet grass and mud, you won’t have any problems getting home dry and comfortable.

The shoes come in three different widths: medium, wide and extra wide. This means that whatever your foot size might be (whether it’s narrow, wide or high arches), there’s probably going to be a pair available for you!

Finally and this is something we didn’t expect the Kinetics have an excellent fit around the ankles and calves as well as their snugness around our toes. 

We had no problem slipping these on over jeans or other pants without having them bunch up uncomfortably at all; they stayed put throughout our hike without causing any discomfort whatsoever!

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Amazing Hiking Shoes For Women With Wide Feet

If you have wide feet and have trouble finding the right size of hiking shoes, then this is a good news for you. The Kinetic Sneakers are available in different sizes and widths.

The women’s version of Sorel’s Kinetic sneaker comes in a wide option as well. So if your feet are larger than average and sometimes feel uncomfortable with regular shoe sizes (even those labeled as “wide”), it may be worth giving these shoes a try!

If you’re not into sneakers or want something less casual, there are also other options if you want to wear some serious boots while hiking.

A Perfect Option For Short Distance Day Hikes

If you’re planning to go on a short hike or day trip, these shoes are going to work great for you. If you’re looking for something that’s going to help you through the long haul, however, these aren’t the ones for you.

Sorel Kinetic Sneakers are perfect for short distance hikes and day trips because they have some of the most comfortable treads around. 

They have a mesh lining throughout the shoe so that it can breathe freely without getting too hot or sweaty inside. 

The rubber sole is also great at gripping onto any surface as well as giving adequate stability when walking over uneven ground (i.e., rocks).

BrandModelSuitable for Short Distance Day Hikes
MerrellMoab 2 VentYes
SalomonX Ultra 3Yes
KeenTarghee III MidYes
AdidasTerrex Swift R2 GTXYes
ColumbiaRedmond WaterproofYes
The North FaceHedgehog Fastpack IIYes

These Are Affordable Hiking Shoes

If you want a pair of hiking shoes that can keep your feet comfortable and protected on the trail, the Sorel Kinetic is a good option for you. 

These are affordable hiking shoes that have a lot to offer hikers at all levels. If you’re just starting out in your search for new footwear, these may be the perfect choice for you!

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So, if you are looking for a good quality pair of shoes that can keep your feet dry and comfortable while hiking, then these Sorel Kinetic Sneakers are the perfect option. These shoes will be ideal for short distance day hikes. 

You can also wear them while doing other outdoor activities like walking on rough terrains or climbing rocks. 

These shoes have amazing features and they come with various sizes to choose from. So, don’t waste any more time! Get your favorite color now before it’s sold out!

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Are Sorel Kinetic sneakers suitable for hiking?

Yes, Sorel Kinetic sneakers are designed to be suitable for hiking. They offer a combination of comfort, support, and traction that makes them a popular choice among hikers.

Are Sorel Kinetic sneakers waterproof?

Sorel Kinetic sneakers are not inherently waterproof. While they are constructed with durable materials, they are not designed to be fully waterproof. However, they may provide some resistance to water and light moisture.

Can I use Sorel Kinetic sneakers for trail running?

Sorel Kinetic sneakers are primarily designed for hiking and outdoor activities rather than trail running. They offer stability and traction suitable for hiking terrains but may not provide the same performance characteristics required for intense trail running.

Are Sorel Kinetic sneakers true to size?

Sorel Kinetic sneakers generally run true to size. However, it is recommended to refer to the specific sizing guide provided by the manufacturer or retailer to ensure the best fit for your feet.

How do I care for and clean Sorel Kinetic sneakers?

To clean Sorel Kinetic sneakers, gently brush off any dirt or debris using a soft brush. For tougher stains, use a mild detergent or soap with a damp cloth. Allow the sneakers to air dry naturally, avoiding direct heat sources. It is also advisable to regularly treat the sneakers with a waterproofing spray to enhance their water resistance.