Is Converse Good For Cycling? (Cyclist Advice)

Cycling is a great way to stay healthy and fit, but it can also be a dangerous sport if you don’t wear the right shoes. Cycling shoes are specially designed to protect your feet from injury during intense cycling sessions by providing extra padding and stability. 

They may cost more than your standard sneakers, but they definitely provide protection that’s worth the investment. If you’re already cycling with Converse sneakers, then don’t worryyou won’t need to immediately buy new shoes just because we told you about them! 

However, if you’re thinking about taking up cycling or want more information before making a decision on what kind of footwear should go with your new hobby, read on for all the details we’ve got here at The Spruce!

Cycling Shoes Guide: How To Choose The Right Pair
Converse shoes can be used for cycling due to their flat soles and comfortable design.
However, dedicated cycling shoes offer advantages such as improved power transfer and efficient pedaling.
Non-cycling shoes can be used for cycling, but factors like sole stiffness and grip should be considered.
When choosing cycling shoes, factors like shoe type, fit, sole stiffness, and closure system are important.
Finding the right size of cycling shoes is crucial for comfort and performance. Refer to size charts and try them on before purchasing.

Can I Wear Converse To Cycle?

You can, but it’s not recommended. In fact, Converse sneakers are not designed for cycling at all. If you want to wear them while riding your bike, it is best to wear them with cycling shoes. 

You should avoid wearing converse for cycling because they are not designed for this activity and will not give you the support that you need when biking on rough roads and trails.

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Is It Safe To Wear Converse For Cycling?

Converse shoes are not made for cycling, so they may not be the best option for you. The shoe is designed to provide comfort and support, but it’s a bad choice if you’re looking for something that will last long and protect your feet while riding your bike.

Shoe TypeConverseDedicated Cycling Shoes
Foot SupportLimitedExcellent
Sole StiffnessFlexibleStiff
Power TransferLess efficientMore efficient
Pedal CompatibilityFlat pedals or toe clipsClipless pedals

Is There A Specific Brand Of Conversation That Are Best For Cycling?

You can wear Converse to cycle, but they aren’t the best shoes to ride a bike in.

It’s not really safe to wear converse for cycling.

There are no specific brands of conversation that are good for cycling. The only thing you should consider when buying converses is whether they are comfortable on your feet, and whether or not they have enough grip on the sole of your shoe so that you don’t slip off your bike while riding down hill or turning hard corners at high speeds like most people do when riding bicycles with pedals.

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Will Converse Shoes Be Good For Cycling?

Can you wear converse while cycling? The answer is yes. More specifically, there’s no reason not to wear them while cycling as long as they are in good condition. So how do you know if they’re in good enough condition?

The best way to find out is by inspecting them closely and looking for any signs of damage or wear and tear this will help you determine if your Converse shoes are safe for riding a bike. 

If you don’t see any noticeable issues with the soles or uppers of your sneakers, then everything should be fine!

Do You Need Special Shoes To Cycle In?

No, you don’t need special shoes to cycle in. You can wear any shoes you want to cycle in but there are some that are better for cycling than others. 

Shoes made for running tend not to be as good for cycling because they lack the necessary support and cushioning required by your feet when riding long distances on pedals.

Some people prefer a specific brand of sneakers for cycling because of their high quality construction and ability to withstand rough use over time but this is entirely up to personal preference so try out different brands until you find one that feels right!

Shoe TypeSpecial Cycling ShoesRegular Shoes
Foot SupportHighVaries
Sole StiffnessStiffFlexible
Power TransferExcellentAverage
Pedal CompatibilityClipless pedalsFlat pedals

Are Converse Sneakers Good For Cycling?

Converse shoes are named after basketball star Chuck Taylor who popularized the shoe in the 1920s. They have a wide toe box and a flat sole, which makes them ideal for cycling. 

The high-top model provides extra ankle support and they are comfortable to wear while cycling. However, if you want more flexibility in your shoes you may want to look elsewhere since Converse have limited movement capability.

What Are The Best Shoes For Riding Bikes With Pedals?

The best type of shoe to wear on a bike with pedals is the one that is most comfortable for you. If you have a pair of shoes that are too tight or too loose, they may not be as good as they could be. 

When choosing the right type of shoe, it’s important to keep in mind what riding conditions you’ll be in and how much time you’ll spend on your bike each day. For example, if you’re going to ride for exercise or commuting purposes, then it’s probably best if your shoes are lightweight and breathable so that they don’t weigh down your legs while pedaling around town. 

However, if you spend most of your time cycling outdoors in hot weather, then finding a pair with thicker soles can help protect against heat exhaustion on long rides through forests or over mountain ranges especially since sweat evaporates from these areas faster than anywhere else!


  • Breathable material allows air circulation which keeps feet cool during hot weather rides


  • Thin soles may feel uncomfortable under heavy loads; lack durability when exposed 24/7
Shoe TypeDescription
Clipless Cycling ShoesDesigned for optimal power transfer and efficiency, with a secure attachment to clipless pedals. Popular brands include Shimano, Giro, and Specialized.
Flat Pedal ShoesDesigned for grip and control on flat pedals, with sticky rubber soles and often featuring skate-style designs. Popular brands include Five Ten, Vans, and Bontrager.
Mountain Bike ShoesDesigned for off-road riding, offering a balance between pedaling efficiency and off-bike walkability. Popular brands include Pearl Izumi, Scott, and Fizik.
Road Cycling ShoesDesigned for high-performance road cycling, with stiff soles for efficient power transfer and lightweight construction. Popular brands include SIDI, Bont, and Giro.
Casual/Commuter ShoesDesigned for urban cycling and commuting, providing a blend of cycling-specific features and everyday style. Popular brands include Chrome Industries, DZR, and Vans.

Is It Ok To Wear Converse While Riding A Bike?

If you’re thinking of getting a pair of these iconic shoes, you should know that they are not the best shoes for cycling. 

That said, if you want to wear them for whatever reason (they fit well and feel good, or just because), then go ahead! 

However, as with any shoe choice when cycling and especially with converse you should consider other options before committing yourself to this particular shoe style.

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How Do I Know If Converse Are Good For Cycling?

Converse sneakers are the best kind of cycling shoes because they are comfortable, lightweight, and easy to put on and take off. 

Converse shoes will give you a little more support than regular running shoes while still allowing your feet to breathe while you ride. They also come in a variety of bright colors that make them ideal for riding bikes with pedals.

If you are looking for something with more padding or extra support and protection, consider buying another type of shoe specifically designed for cycling like Shimano’s road bike shoes or even cross country mountain biking shoes from Pearl Izumi or Fox Racing Shox.

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Will Wearing Converse Make Me Faster On My Bike?

The short answer is yes, Converse are a good choice for cycling. Their wide, flat surface area provides a lot of traction that helps keep you balanced on your bike and also makes it easier to move around when you’re not in the saddle. 

And since they’re made out of rubber, they’re durable and easy to clean should anything get on them during your ride. Plus, if you have the right pair of converse shoes (like the ones shown above), they’ll look pretty cool too!

So go ahead and wear those sneakers with pride: You’ve got nothing to lose here except some serious time savings!

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Converse is a great shoe for cycling. They are comfortable, lightweight and they have a solid grip on your feet. 

They also come in many different styles so there is something for everyone! If you are looking for an affordable pair of shoes that can be used both inside and outside then these might be what you need.

Further Reading

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Are Converse shoes suitable for cycling?

Yes, Converse shoes can be used for cycling due to their flat soles and comfortable design. However, they may not offer the same level of support and performance as dedicated cycling shoes.

What are the advantages of dedicated cycling shoes?

Dedicated cycling shoes provide several advantages, such as improved power transfer, efficient pedaling, and compatibility with clipless pedal systems, which enhance cycling performance and overall riding experience.

Can I use non-cycling shoes for cycling?

While non-cycling shoes can be used for cycling, it’s important to consider factors like sole stiffness, grip, and foot support. Some non-cycling shoes may lack these features, potentially affecting comfort and performance during rides.

What should I look for in cycling shoes?

When choosing cycling shoes, consider factors like shoe type (road, mountain, or casual), fit, sole stiffness, closure system, and compatibility with pedal systems. These elements can impact comfort, efficiency, and functionality while cycling.

How do I find the right size of cycling shoes?

Finding the right size of cycling shoes is crucial for comfort and performance. It’s recommended to refer to the specific size charts provided by shoe manufacturers and consider trying them on before making a purchase.