Are Inflatable Kayak Any Good? (Find Out)

Kayaking is a great way to explore nature and go on adventures. But if you’re not experienced with paddling, you might want to consider taking an inflatable kayak. 

Inflatable kayaks are easy to store, lightweight and can be deflated for easy transport. So if you’re thinking about buying one, here are some things to consider:

Best Inflatable Kayak In 2023 – Top 10 Inflatable Kayaks Review
Inflatable kayaks are a viable option for various water activities.
They offer advantages such as portability and easy storage.
Inflatable kayaks can be suitable for recreational use, fishing, and exploring calm waters.
Durability and reliability of inflatable kayaks depend on the quality of materials and construction.
Proper inflation, maintenance, and storage are important for maximizing the lifespan of an inflatable kayak.

Are Inflatable Kayak Any Good?

Inflatable kayaks are an excellent way to get into the sport of kayaking. Rowing your own boat is easier than you might think and can be great exercise, too!

You may have a few questions about inflatable kayaks versus hard shell ones, like: Are inflatables any good? How do I know if I should buy an inflatable or a hardshell? And what’s the difference between one type of inflatable and another?

When it comes to fishing, inflatable kayaks are a fantastic choice. Our comprehensive guide on inflatable kayaks for fishing explores their advantages, features, and recommended models, helping you make the right choice for your angling adventures.

Is It Difficult To Paddle An Inflatable Kayak?

Although a hard shell is easier to paddle, an inflatable kayak is not difficult to use. In fact, it’s one of the easiest ways to get on the water. Here are some of the reasons why:

  • The seat is adjustable so that you can be comfortable while paddling.
  • The kayak has good maneuverability and can track straight with ease.
  • There are many different types of paddles available for different purposes or sizes – some may even be included with your purchase!
  • Paddling an inflatable kayak is often easier than paddling a hard shell because they weigh less than most hard shells.

Are Inflatable Kayaks Easy To Paddle?

Yes! Inflatable kayaks are easy to paddle. They are very stable and easy to control, which means you can easily turn them around, go in any direction you want, and stop when you need to. 

They also don’t require much strength or skill because they’re so light. You won’t even break a sweat when using one of these kayaks!

BrandEase of Paddling
Brand AEasy
Brand BModerate
Brand CEasy
Brand DDifficult
Brand EModerate

This table provides a comparison of different inflatable kayak brands in terms of their ease of paddling. It offers a quick overview of which brands are generally considered easy, moderate, or difficult to paddle.

Can You Use An Inflatable Kayak On The Ocean?

You can use an inflatable kayak on the ocean. However, inflatable kayaks aren’t built with the same durability as hard shell kayaks, which means you need to take some precautions when using them on the water.

First of all, you need to make sure that your inflatable has a puncture-resistant bladder and a self-bailing system that allows for easy water removal from inside the boat. 

Ask if either feature is included with your model before deciding whether or not it’s right for you.

You’ll also want to get a paddle specifically designed for an inflatable kayak so that it doesn’t snag on anything while paddling through waves or rapids (it’s best if this paddle is collapsible). Finally, wear clothing that will help keep you warm in case things get chilly!

Concerned about the durability of inflatable kayaks? Hear it from experienced owners themselves! Discover firsthand accounts and valuable insights in our article on the durability of inflatable kayaks, where kayak owners share their experiences and shed light on this important aspect.

Do Inflatable Kayaks Float?

You can be assured that an inflatable kayak will float in the water. This can be especially important if you’re planning on paddling in some windy conditions or on choppy waters. 

However, it is not uncommon for a deflated kayak to sink when it gets punctured by rocks or other hard objects in the water.

Inflatable kayaks are also known for being less stable than their traditional counterparts because they tend to tip over more easily when hit by waves or strong winds. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing if you know how to swim!

How Long Can You Use An Inflatable Kayak For Before It Becomes Deflated?

There are many factors that affect how long your kayak will last, such as the quality of the kayak and how often you use it. 

The most important factor is how much you use it. If you only paddle once or twice a year, then an inflatable kayak may be perfect for you. 

But if paddling is something that you do on a regular basis, then a hard shell would be more appropriate.

Additionally, there are many different types of inflatable kayaks available on the market today and some materials can withstand more abuse than others. 

For example, PVC material tends to hold up well under pressure while rubber tends not to hold up as well over time because it does not stretch as easily and therefore does not absorb energy from impacts as readily (as opposed to PVC).

BrandDurabilityDeflation Time
Brand AHigh2-3 days
Brand BMedium1-2 days
Brand CHigh3-4 days
Brand DLow1 day
Brand EMedium2-3 days

This table compares different inflatable kayak brands based on their durability and the approximate time it takes for them to become deflated. It provides a quick overview of which brands offer high, medium, or low durability, as well as the estimated deflation times for each brand.

How Much Do Inflatable Kayaks Cost?

Inflatable kayaks are a great choice for anyone looking to get into the sport of kayaking. They are much more affordable than hard-shell kayaks, so if you don’t have a lot of money to spend, an inflatable kayak is the way to go. 

Plus, if you want to try out some different types of paddling before deciding which one is right for you, buying multiple inflatable kayaks will be less expensive than buying multiple hard shell ones.

While there are many affordable options when it comes to finding your first or second inflatable kayak, there are also plenty of high-end models available from reputable manufacturers that can cost well over $1000 (or more). 

However most people will find that they really only need something in the $300-$500 range unless they’re planning on doing long expeditions on rough water or plan on using their boat every day all year round without fail – just like anything else in life though: “you get what you pay for.”

Is It Safe To Ride An Inflatable Kayak On The River?

Inflatable kayaks are made of PVC or Hypalon. PVC is stronger than Hypalon, but also more prone to puncture. Hypalon is more puncture resistant than PVC, but can tear if dragged over rocks too hard.

PVC kayaks are usually more expensive than their Hypalon counterparts because they’re generally higher quality and last longer.

Are you wondering if inflatable kayaks are worth buying? Our expert answer awaits you! Dive into our detailed analysis on the worthiness of inflatable kayaks, where we weigh the pros and cons, provide valuable tips, and help you make an informed decision before investing in your own inflatable kayak.

Should You Buy An Inflatable Or A Hard Shell For Your Trip?

If you’re going on a long trip and want to be able to bring more supplies with you, then a hard shell would be better. They are also safer if there is rough weather or high winds due to the fact that they won’t sink! 

However, if this isn’t going to be your only kayak and you’re only taking it out once every few months or so, then an inflatable kayak will probably suit your needs better because they are extremely easy to transport (they can even fit into some cars) and take far less time than a hard shell would take to set up.

Reliability is a key factor to consider when choosing an inflatable kayak. Our comprehensive article on the reliability of inflatable kayaks delves into the design features, construction quality, and brand reputation that contribute to their overall reliability. Make an informed choice and enjoy worry-free kayaking experiences.

What Are The Best Inflatable Kayak Brands?

There are many brands that make inflatable kayaks and each one has their own pros and cons. We’ll go over the most popular brands below:

Kajak Sport – This is a very good brand as they make high quality products that last for a long time. Their boats are durable, safe, and affordable. 

They also have an excellent customer service department who will help you with any issues or questions you might have about their products. 

If you want to buy an inflatable Kayak online then I recommend going with Kajak Sport because they offer great value for money!

BrandFeaturesDurabilityPortabilityPrice Range
Brand AHigh-quality materials, versatileHighLightweight$$$$
Brand BSturdy construction, good performanceMediumCompact$$$
Brand CExcellent stability, easy to inflateHighPortable$$
Brand DDurable, suitable for various watersHighLightweight$$$$
Brand EAffordable, beginner-friendlyMediumCompact$

This table compares different inflatable kayak brands based on their features, durability, portability, and price range. It provides a quick overview of the top brands, highlighting their key characteristics and helping you choose the best inflatable kayak brand based on your specific needs and preferences.

Paddling an inflatable kayak doesn’t have to be a challenge! Learn useful techniques and tips in our detailed guide on how to paddle inflatable kayaks. Discover proper form, paddling strokes, and maneuvers that will help you navigate with ease and make the most out of your inflatable kayak adventures.


If you’re looking to get into the sport of kayaking, an inflatable is a great way to do it. They are easy on your wallet and will last for years. 

If you plan on using your kayak in rough water then I would recommend getting something with higher quality materials or buying two kayaks so that if one breaks down then you have another one ready to go!

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Can inflatable kayaks be used for whitewater kayaking?

Inflatable kayaks are generally not recommended for whitewater kayaking as they may not offer the same level of maneuverability and stability required for such challenging conditions. Hard-shell kayaks are better suited for whitewater adventures.

How do I inflate and deflate an inflatable kayak?

Most inflatable kayaks come with a manual or electric pump for inflation. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to properly inflate your kayak. Deflating an inflatable kayak is relatively simple – remove the air valves and roll or fold the kayak tightly to expel the air.

Are inflatable kayaks durable?

The durability of inflatable kayaks can vary depending on the materials used and the overall quality of construction. Higher-quality inflatable kayaks made with durable materials like PVC or Hypalon can offer good resistance to punctures and abrasions.

Can inflatable kayaks handle rough waters?

Inflatable kayaks can handle moderate to calm waters with ease. However, they may not perform as well in rough or choppy conditions, where hard-shell kayaks provide better stability and control.

Are inflatable kayaks suitable for beginners?

Yes, inflatable kayaks can be a great choice for beginners. They are generally stable, easy to transport, and offer a comfortable paddling experience. However, it’s important to choose an inflatable kayak suitable for your skill level and intended use.